Cyber Physical System based Crime Resistant Model for Smart Cities

  • Sundas Qayyum Department of Computer Science, Bahria University Islamabad
  • Ayesha Naveed Department of Computer Science, Bahria University Islamabad


The technology development, as well as its improvement, has been growing rapidly with every passing day. One of the emerging areas is the Internet of Things (IoT) based on new information and communication-based technologies and Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS). The IoT and CPS can be integrated into various domains in smart cities like energy, automation, industries, smart cities, smart homes. In context to the smart city applications, the smart cities must be safe and secure models and provide a safe and secure crime-free resistant city. Using this aim in this paper, we propose a conceptual model for smart cities. This model presents the two modules including Smart Vehicle & Human Safety (SVHS) and Safe Streets Model (SSM). These modules help the victims in case of any emergency and provide a more secure and safe environment.