Software Architecture Evaluation Methods: A Comparative Study

  • Ali Raza University of Sialkot
  • Shaista Zafar University of Lahore, Department of Software Engineering Gujrat Campus
  • Saeed Ur Rehman Department of Computer Science, Bahria University Islamabad
  • Umar Khattak Department of Computer Science, Bahria University Islamabad
Keywords: Software Engineering, Architecture, Software Architecture, Software Testing, Software, Engineering, Scenerio-based Software Architecture Evaluation


Abstract: Software Quality is considered as an important aspect throughout the entire software development process. Software quality makes sure the satisfaction of client needs and requirements. Software architecture plays a key role in an efficient software development process. Evaluation of software architecture involves different properties of the evaluation including strengths and shortcomings of the software architectural style or design pattern. Software architecture evaluation methods are utilized to analyze the design based on the suitability of the architecture. In this survey paper, we examined different existing scenario based techniques for the evaluation of software architecture. The comparison between these evaluation methods is also presented based on different architectural behavior.