A Novel Framework for Cyber Secure Smart City

  • Abeer Iftikhar Tahirkheli Armed Forces Institute of Cardiology, National Institute of Heart Disease, Rawalpindi
Keywords: Smart City, Cyber Security, ICT Infrastructure, Urban Centers, E-Government, Smart Governance, Frameworks, Public Key Encryption


 This paper presents a novel theoretical framework by taking numerous viewpoints to Governing the cyber secure smart cities. The paper also identifies suitable approaches and frameworks to transform the legacy of urban governess into a new concept of governing cyber-secure smart cities. The analysis is purely based on an extensive literature review, proposes a framework to provide a realistic blueprint and suggests the implementation of secure smart Governance at city level for underdeveloped countries that possess meager resources and densely populated metropolitan cities. Association between safe smart city architecture and a legacy smart city system is analyzed. The proposed framework focus on cybersecurity illustrates implementing cyber secure-smart cities with all elements and information and communication technologies based systems rather make a mandatory part of any transformation of a traditional cities concept into a secure smart city.